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Director: Barbara Willis Sweete

Producer: Niv Fischman, Rhombus Media


Dido & Aeneas focusses on choreographer Mark Morris’s stunning work, which presents as an arch yet beautiful and compelling choreographic interpretation of the mythic and tragic love story. With Morris dancing the role of Dido, and his company of dancers enacting his profound and erudite choreography, some of Canada’s most luminous voices are accompanied by the matchless Tafelmusik Orchestra. 

The directorial and design challenge was honouring Morris’s vision and aesthetic, while also finding a place for it to transform from the stage into cinematic form. The resulting elevated world of Dido & Aeneas was created on the top of a stepped pyramid, situated within a massive 270-degree painted skyscape. The balustrade and painted floorcloth used in the original live stage performances were replicated and incorporated as part of the film design.



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