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Nominee - DGC Best Production Design (Ep. The Good Witch's Wonder)


Director: Laurie Lynd, Don McBrearty, Craig Pryce, 

Producers: John Eskenas, Craig Pryce, Andrea Raffaghello, Frank Siracusa

Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell)  possesses a rare and special aura, and for many years she has cast her  spell upon the picturesque town of Middleton. The world of Good Witch is in turn, a pleasing, textured, harmonious and attractive world in which the stories play out, and a world in which dedicated viewers also want to live and thrive.

Having designed four of the seven Good Witch Movies of the Week, as well as Season I and the studio sets for the popular series, the  world is defined by visual lightness, a refined and eclectic elegance, a sense of sensual and enigmatic mystery, and also a sense of timelessness.



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