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Directors: Agam Darshi, Leena Manro, Anna McRoberts

Producers: Kelly Balon, Anand Ramaya / Karma Films

1/2 hour family comedy drama


Hilarity ensues when family therapist Sitara and her I.T.-wiz husband, Sunny, lose all their money in a “bad investment,” forcing them to move in with his big, crazy, loud , traditional Punjabi family in the suburbs, where love, laughs, bawdy and body humour thrive chaotically under one roof. Sitara rethinks the concept of family and learns to embrace the old Punjabi ways that she denied for so long without losing her identity as a modern, independent woman in the process.

Again collaborating with Agam Darshi and Karma Films (DONKEYHEAD), and again shooting in the small Western Canadian city of Regina, for this first season it seemed most prudent to find an empty house as our primary location where 95% of the 6 part series would shoot. Within and without this home we retrofitted, painted, wallpapered, and fully dressed the space to create the world of OUR BIG PUNJABI FAMILY, and in turn defined the vibrant textures, colours, and exhuberant cultural styling.



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