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Director: Rob Adetuyi

Producers: Danny Schur, Jeff Peeler

1919. A time of mass migrations of people fleeing war-torn countries, the rise of international labour movements, and of conflicting socio-economic values.

In STAND! an immigrant Romeo & Juliet battle for love and a better future during a time of social upheaval. Based on a true slice of history, director Robert Adetuyi (“Stomp the Yard”, “Bring It On”) creates this movie adaptation of Juno-award-winning composer Danny Schur & Rick Chafe’s hit stage musical, Strike!.

Stefan (Marshall Williams) and his father Mike (Gregg Henry) have left family in Ukraine, fleeing for the New World, where they struggle day to day to earn enough to re-unite the family. Settling into a crowded immigrant tenement, Stefan is smitten with his Jewish suffragette neighbour, Rebecca (Laura Wiggins) and is drawn into her world of protest and emancipation.

Filmed entirely in Winnipeg, the city has a wealth of extant architecture from its heyday as an economic hub in the early 1900's, which offered tremendous potential to create a believable and textured world that visually pits the wealthy against the struggling poor.

“Hamilton meets Fiddler on the Roof meets West Side Story” – Reel Chicago.

“Broadway-worthy tunes…a film that is actually about something, made by people who are expert storytellers”– Globe & Mail.

“One of the greatest historical stories I have ever seen” – Hollywood North. 

“Four stars” – CBC Radio.

CLICK HERE to read about how Marian designed  the world of STAND!, in Art Departmental. 



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